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Refined Furniture
Your secretaire or table in a new look,
your desk or table will (re)gain its radiance once the top is inlaid with gold embossed italian leather. The process involved is a combination of craftsmanship and longtime experience. The result of this professional and creative handwork is a unique piece of artwork.
High Quality Products
We are able to deliver specially patented gold embossment leather.
We also offer you different sizes, colors and designs (e.g. round or oval). The "Classic Look" is extremly smart and a result of a new process that makes the structure and warmth of leather truly come alive. The raw material (sheep leather) is imported from Italy, where the handling of leather skins is an age old tradition. First the raw material is dyed, then structurally processed with pigments, after that impregnated and then embossed. With proper care and handling, the leather top will last a lifetime. It is water, heat and alcohol resistant. Easy to apply if you handle it with care!
See how your furniture can look like
Assortment Of Colors:
You may choose between five different colors link
Our leather can be processed by this professional german partners link

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The price of your order is only available on request.
We Please keep in mind, that you have to pay 19% General Sales Tax and an additional 13.90 € for packaging and shipping.

We recommend our high-quality catalogue with original leather patterns, this enables you to feel the leather and have a good look at the original coloration (the color patterns on "Colors" may differ from the original). Furthermore, you have a perfect presentation to show to your customers.

To order our catalogue, Email your address to: Katalog@antik-leder.com
The catalogue has a nominal fee of 11.90 € incl. General Sales Tax.

Catalogue and Price